The Latest From Cake Dulce

I know, I know we haven’t posted anything in a while.  It’s not that we haven’t been baking, trust me we have, it’s just that since both of us have full time jobs and this takes up the rest of our time we are usually pretty tired.  But never the less we are still hard at work doing what we do best………BAKE!!

So here are several of our latest creations;

Over The Hill Cake

Girls First Communion Cake

These 2 go together for an Abby Cadabby Themed birthday

Curious George Cake, obviously, lol

This was a treat to myself for my birthday, Caramelized Banana Cream Pie with Hazel Nut and Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream topped with Hazel Nut Brittle.

Block Boys Baby Shower Cake

Tool Birthday Cake

Angry Birds Birthday Cake which was a huge hit at the party

BMW Key Cake, yes people you as for it we deliver!!

Mickey Mouse Club House Cake

Girls 17th Birthday Cake

Girls First Communion Tiered Cake

30th Anniversary Cake in our new favorite flavor Pina Colada aka Pina OMG Colada because yes it’s that good.

So as you can see we have been quite busy, stay tuned for our next round this is our busy season so keep your eyes peeled for new cakes.  Thanks for all your orders remember we love a challenge, thanks for keeping our creative juices flowing!

Up next week is a Graduation/Welcome Home (from Brazil) Cake so be sure to check back soon to see how that one turns out. We’ll chat soon!

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One Response to The Latest From Cake Dulce

  1. Wow! All the images of all cakes are so delicious, good design & well decorated. All are of unique design. I love all your creations. I really appreciated all your hard work. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us……….

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