3 Tier Zebra Cake, Happy Birthday Ladies!

Happy Birthday Ladies!

This is a special custom Cake Dulce Creation 3 tier cake.  The top tier is yellow cake, middle is chocolate and the bottom layer is marble, all with raspberry buttercream filling.

3 special ladies are celebrating their Birthday’s tonight! I know the cake was a surprise, so I hope you guys liked it.  And most of all I hope you all enjoyed it, both taste and asthetics.  We’re real proud of this one!  Thanks for choosing Cake Dulce!  Hope we could help make your day special.

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3 Responses to 3 Tier Zebra Cake, Happy Birthday Ladies!

  1. Shirley Sarco says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU for creating this beautiful 3 tier cake. I knew it would look good but WOW you guys went above and beyond. The birthday girls were surprised and loved their birthday cake. The taste was amazing, people were eating it up!! Again Thank You : )

  2. Nickole Halpine says:

    If you want your special occasion to be just that more special – Cake Dulce, (https://cakedulce.wordpress.com) is the place to turn to for your desert needs.

    My birthday surprise was a sure treat; 3 tier Cake designed by Raquel. She has cleverly incorporated personality’s of the 3 birthday girls into the design, making each and everyone one of us feel special.
    Compact in size – it’s beauty commanded attention. The exquisite artistry made it a joy to look at, we almost did not want to cut it!
    Not only was this cake beautiful it also tasted great. This was a small gathering but most of the cake was gone. Shameless behavior on the part of the guests but a true attribute to its taste.
    I am grateful to my friends and to Cake Dulce for making our special occasion that much more memorable.

    Nickole Halpine

  3. Lillian Rivas says:

    This was the cakes of all cakes. Cake Dulce did a phenomenal job! Raquel and Beatriz took in the personalities and savvyness of all three birthday girls and incorporated in a 3 tier cake mixed with all different flavors. This went from a vanilla, to chocolate, to an unbelievable marble layer at the bottom with a raspberry filling. This absolutely reminded me of the outrageous cakes you see on “Ace of Cakes” or “Cake Boss.” I was amazed by this and never thought I would actual get this as a birthday surprise, these ladies are definitely TV worthy. This is the place to go for any and all occasions. I know they will be on my list for my next cake!

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